Decontamination by cold Argon Plasma

decoWe use Cold Plasma as advanced technology to clean the titanium surface of our dental implants. The others use traditional systems of decontamination which do not guarantee a perfectly clean surface. Any solvent used to clean, the purest, leaves inevitably traces on the surface. The impurities and the solvent molecules combine each other with the chemical constituents of the surface, especially in the case of reactive materials as metals. Theoretically, the more functional instrument of cleaning should be chemically not reagent and, at the same time, sufficiently strong to remove the contaminations. We use this principle in the Cold Plasma Cleaning Treatment..

The implant to clean is positioned in Cold Argon Plasma flux which consists of a non reagent gas atmosphere that however contains ions, electrons and other chemical species, which, accelerated by the electric field present in plasma, crash the surface with the same effects of a bombing. The physical effect of bombing is to remove and send away the contaminants from the surface and it allows to get cleaning levels non obtainable by other techniques. The possibility to reproduce the treatment and the possibility to control the process parameters allow to exploit this treatment to clean the zones difficult to reach offering an elevated quality constancy.

Pictures shows the surface of our titanium dental implant (LV-SEM observed at 1000X of magnification) after the decontamination treatment by Cold Argon Plasma: there are not organic contaminations.