Titanium control and storing

  • Control of Productive Batch of Titanium and verification of the data certified by the producer.
  • Control of the Quality and the Properties of the titanium by laboratories analysis.

  • Titanium Classification (degree 4 conforming to the specific ASTM F 67 and degree 5 conforming to the specific ASTM F 136), complying the product to manufacture


  • Delivery of titanium to the manufacturing stations: Advanced CNC machineries are utilized to manufacture the titanium products. CAD - CAM working process dispatch the design data directly to the "manufacturing stations".

  • Check of each product, during the working process, the implants and the prosthetic components are controlled cyclically by microscopes, tampons and micrometric calibers. The controls are made on 100% of the manufactured products.

Superficial treatment

  • Superficial Acid Etch Treatment: this process allows, considering as variables the values of the acid concentration - pressure - time - temperature, to get on the surface of the titanium craters of dimensions comparable to those of the osteocitis (22 x 6 x 6 µm).

Cleaning and decontamination

  • Cleaning and Decontamination Process: complying to the procedures that certify the complete removing of all the contaminates and the manufacturing oils and lubricates. Samples of each manufacturing bacth are stocked, preserved in special room of quarantine, to be controlled by the competent authorities.


  • Packaging: made in white room and by laminar flow hood class 100 certified considering the microbiological level rigorously checked.

Sterilization and control

  • Sterilization: the boxes containing dental implants, the cover screws, the implant mount and the titanium cylinder are irradiated by gamma rays. The Sterilization Company is specialized and authorized to the sterilize complying the Standards UNI EN 552. The entire cycle of sterilization is checked periodically by the tests of "precocious aging" that gives the validation.