The Engineering Department has qualified technicians and powerful Calculation Systems to simulate, analysing the stress and strain states with Theory of Finite Element (FEM), the behaviour under load of the implant - abutment - bone structure.


Design activities:ACT04

  • Solid Modelling
  • Mesh Generation
  • Constraints and Load Analysis
  • Structural Analysis - F.E.M.
  • Strain Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Validation of the Project by Comparison with Experimental Tests

Meshes Generation: Method of subtraction of the implant volume

 Implant design First volume subtraction 
 ACT08  ACT09
 External screw extraction Single screw
act10  ACT11 

 Comparison with experimental tests: the results are very close.

Elité Medica has made every effort to source referenced material from health professionals. 
Elite Medica operates to the applicable standards of the European Medical Device Directive (EU93/42) and has implemented a quality system in compliance with the applicable requirements of ISO:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2012


CE476 9001-2008 13485
  The EC
Quality Assurance System certificate
The ISO Certificates of the Quality Management System 




Glass phial
Section of the glass phial
titanium cylinder

Cover screw screwed
on the bottom side of the titanium cylinder

Implant inserted on the top
of the titanium cylinder



Insert Grip System to capture the implant



Section of the titanium cylinder.
on the left: capturing the implant
on the right: unscrewing the cover screw




The hand driver captures the implant

The sterile package.

Double blister:
glass phial in the tyvek package

Implantology: why?

Nobody notice the difference


The replacement of lost teeth implies the involvement of the contiguous teeth that are often healthy.In some cases it is impossible to obtain fixed prosthesis, and we are forced to realize mobile structures, which must be removed and cleaned after every meal.

The oral implantology is the surgical placement of titanium cylinder fixtures inside the bone locations corresponding to the edentulous, which will be used as artificial roots.


Oral implantology is suitable for all ages

The fear of losing teeth is something that does afraid many of us . Today, the loss of teeth is no longer a permanent problem.

Oral implantology treatment uses a reliable method for replacing a single tooth, several teeth ........ or entire lower-upper arch.

The restauration by new artificial teeth appears natural and will make it possible to live, laugh and enjoy life in absolute freedom and full self-confidence.


Back you to be natural

This allows us to not involve the teeth or contiguous with preparations that are compromising the integrity or using it as support for hooks or attacks that often reduces stability.

In more than of the cases, moreover, it can be obtain fixed prosthesis, that should not be removed and can be cleaned as if they were natural teeth.


What are the advantages?

The advantages of the oral implantology are:

  • Replacing the tooth or teeth missing so functional, aesthetic, lasting over time and predictable success.
  • Preserving the integrity of natural teeth close to missing teeth that are not involved in the prothesis.
  • Reconstruction and conservation of the anatomy of the bone and gums of the edentulous areas

The best way to find the smile

The implants may be placed at any time: either immediately after the extraction that after many years, as long as the residual bone thickness is sufficient to ensure stability.
There are however advanced surgical techniques that allow the use of dental implants in almost all the conditions bone.


Is Oral Implantology for all of us?

The modern oral implantology, with the help of materials and surfaces that are able to integrate with the bone and moreover in less favorable conditions, it can solve almost every case of edentulous (lack of teeth) partial or total.

Everyone, virtually are persons who may receive implants.



There are contraindications, or conditions that advice the use of the oral implantology, and these can be absolute or relative, whether general or local, or temporary or permanent.

Using a form the clinical condition history of the patient ,current and old, the dentist or the surgeon implantologist will be informed about all the data that he needs for to promote or un advise the oral implantology.

elitemedicaHow does a dental implant insert?

The dental implant is an artificial root replacing the root of the natural tooth lost.
The surgery is lead in local anesthesia, and to apply the implant it is necessary to make a small incision on the gum to discover the underlying bone where the implant will be inserted. After the insertion of the implant is closed the gingiva applying sutures . The procedure takes about 20 minutes for each root planted and no pain. At the end to the patient is prescribed a treatment of antibiotics anti-infection and to exclude complications after the surgery. The surgical removal of the sutures occurs after about a week.

elitemedicaCan there be a failure?

The causes of failure are few in the modern implantology, as long as the implantologist have a good experience and suitable materials but there are conditions that can lead to the failure when there isn't osseointegration

The implantology success is closely related to knowledge of the matter and involves expertise of the implantologist in medical biology field, surgery and prosthetic tecnique .

The causes of failure in dental implantology, when it meets the quality standards, are rare and quantified according to the international literature about 3-4%.

elitemedicaHow many time resists an implant?

We can define an implantology rehabilitation success when the implant is fully integrated on the bone and the prosthesis is properly constructed and remains stable and functioning over time.
When all the conditions of adequate prosthesis, hygiene, the control of the patient are satisfied (we can predict) implantology rehabilitation success assessable to 15-20 years.

elitemedicaThis result, however, should be maintained with good hygiene to prevent plaque bacteria to be deposited around the implant and lead to suffering without loss of support bone, as indeed happens to natural teeth. Check controls should be periodic in time evaluated by the doctor because the implant, unlike our teeth, not hurt and therefore any symptoms of infection and inflammation may go unnoticed and not be felt by the patient if not when they become important. The control then used to preserve and extend the life of a implant like that of a natural tooth.


Gamma-Ray sterilization


Gamma radiations are electromagnetic waves uttered by unstable isotopes (radioisotopes) through the phenomenon of " decadence " or " disintegration " called Radioactivity.

The number of disintegrations in the unity of time defines the activity of the radioactive source. The radiation, crossing the matter, surrenders a certain quantity of energy to this. The absorbed dose is the energy surrendered to the matter radiated in the unity of mass.

The unity of measure for the absorbed dose is the Gray (Gy) correspondent to 1 J/kg. 60Co is the radioisotope gamma emitter more largely used in the industrial trials of irradiation and drift from the bombardment 59Co neutronic existing in nature.

The effects, direct or induced, of the radiations on the micro - organisms consist in their interaction with the nucleus of the cells and other components, causing the break-up of the molecules of the DNA and preventing the cellular division and therefore the propagation of the biological life (microbial proliferation).

Elite' Medica uses the collaboration of the most important Sterilization Company present today in Italy.


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Our company Elitè Medica is part of a holding specialized in the manufacturing of medical products. Elite Medica is dedicated to dentistry field. Our holding companies have been active on the market of high-tech medical products for over 30 years. Our major Company is the exclusive supplier of ETHICON Company. It manufactures plastic products and components for the fields of Surgical and Medical Devices.

Elitè Medica produces dental implants by optimizing all the stages of the production process in such a way as to minimize costs and keep a high quality level of the resulting products, by guaranteeing and certifying all of our products in compliance with the requested standards.

Our Technical Support Service assists our customers in the design prototyping, design and development of the products and of the equipment needed to machine them. Thanks to our expertise in FEM-based structural calculus, we can check the in-use performance of the products, by assessing their strain, stress and other parameters. Our Design Process relies on CAD-CAM tools, which facilitate the manufacturing of fixtures, abutments, rotating instruments and of related equipment, which are manufactured in our major factory by numerical control machines.

Our Planning System (MRP) continually monitors our production process, enabling us to set firm delivery dates.

Our stock of manufacturing machines is constantly upgraded and by testing their operation parameters we can ensure continuous monitoring of the production process in accordance with the ISO 9001 Standard.

Our Production Department can guarantee the manufacturing process and all the checks, tests and inspections set forth in the requested legislation and standards by implementing the procedures specified in the production plains.

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Decontamination by cold Argon Plasma

decoWe use Cold Plasma as advanced technology to clean the titanium surface of our dental implants. The others use traditional systems of decontamination which do not guarantee a perfectly clean surface. Any solvent used to clean, the purest, leaves inevitably traces on the surface. The impurities and the solvent molecules combine each other with the chemical constituents of the surface, especially in the case of reactive materials as metals. Theoretically, the more functional instrument of cleaning should be chemically not reagent and, at the same time, sufficiently strong to remove the contaminations. We use this principle in the Cold Plasma Cleaning Treatment..

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